Abitex, interior outfit


Abitex is a cutting-edge workshop in the textile industry, specializing in producing fire retardant and high-performing fabrics for contract use, particularly in hospitality and cruise markets.

Not just an artistic surface, fabric holds intrinsic technical value and functionality, making it a multifaceted element in Abitex's creations.

Positioned as an "interior outfit" concept, Abitex stands as a diverse laboratory in the textile world, offering high-tech designs that serve as hubs for experimentation, drawing from the rich Italian expertise gained through hands-on experience.

Color plays a crucial role in Abitex's identity, viewed as an essential element of the brand's genetic code. The company perceives and studies color as a chemical vibration, resulting in a vibrant explosion of shades and textures for end-users.

Abitex's interior design focus revolves around aesthetics and comprehensive experimentation, delving into science and innovation through various thematic topics that embrace conscious, hi-tech, and environmentally-friendly textiles.

Meeting the demands of the contract market, Abitex fabrics provide a complete solution for those seeking style, safety, and performance.