luci san siro

col 111
fireproof imo-med 5 years guarantee

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each thread is dyed prior to weaving, resulting in a fabric that boasts exceptional color depth and richness. The intricate patterns and motifs that grace its surface are a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship involved in its creation. Luci a San Siro CHIC have fire retardant properties, and overall elegance make it an excellent choice for any setting or design concept.


technical specifications

no acqua no candeggio ferro 1 tamburo no a tamburo

customs code

58% viscose, 14% polyester, 28% resin.

cm ± 140.

± 474 gr/m².

yarn dyed product.

roll length
approx. 25 lm, can also be cut-to-length at an extra cost.

abrasion resistance
> 50.000 rubs, ISO 12947-2.

color fastness to light
4/5, ISO 105 B02.

fastness to rubbing
dry 4, wet 3/4, ISO 105 X12.

seam slippage
warp 3,0 mm, weft 3,0 mm, ISO 13936-2.

4/5-5, ISO 12945-2.

fire resistance
1IM - UNI 9175;
EN 1021 part 1/2;
BS 5852 part 1, is 0 and 1;
BS 5852 crib 5;
NFPA 260 Class 1;
California TB 117-2013;
IMO 3.20 - FTP Code 307 part 8.

(in some tests the classification is subject to the used foam)

slight colour differences between different batches are allowed.