Senato Hotel Milan

Senato Hotel Milan

"Lilliput" is an exhibition conceived by Gian Paolo Venier for Senato Hotel.

The inspiration from "Gulliver’s travels" is simply to remember that there is a different point of view (and strength) from what we usually consider "true".

Gulliver meets the Lilliputians and, instead of overpowering them with his size, he realizes that new things can arise from that encounter and changes his approach.

Here we have giant chairs (350 cm high) that are soft and supple and emerge from the water in the suggestive courtyard of Senato Hotel (Via Senato, Milan); it wants to be the representation of a three-dimensional snapshot that fixes the movement. The represented movement is only a fragment of an imaginary scene, in the process of development.

The chair is the iconic object of design, the representation of industrial design and therefore of the project. It is precisely the chair that offers us the starting point for a reflection on change, on the idea of consumption and on the value of reuse and recycling: sustainability.

The setting is made by three characters in motion, the chairs, made of extruded rubber and covered with a fabric made from recycled PET designed by Gian Paolo Venier for ABITEX: B-Chew.