pure wool

col 901
pure wool melange 901
fireproof imo-med

Pure wool melange is a fire retardant felt wool.

Pure wool is produced with “new wool” yarn.

Pure wool is a certified felt wool for contract

100% Italian newwool, woven and then matted to obtain a cloth effect. Incredibly resistant thanks to the KD treatment, which in fact, even reaches a resistance of 65,000 cycles. It adapts to any shape, is soft and natural with its Loden appearance.

technical specifications

no acqua triangolo ferro 1 p linea tamburo quadro

customs code

100% new wool

cm ± 150

± 550 g/m2

yarn dyed product

roll length
approx. 25 lm.

abrasion resistance
65.000 rubs, ISO 12947-2

color fastness to light
4/5, ISO 105 B02

fastness to rubbing
dry 4/5, wet 4, ISO 105 X12

seam slippage
warp 3 mm, weft 5 mm

3/4, ISO 12945-2

fire resistance
1IM - UNI 9175
EN 1021 1/2
BS 5852 part 1
BS 5852 crib 5, only on request, min 200 m, even assorted colours
California TB 117-2013
IMO FTP Code 307 part 8

sound absorbtion
Ɑw 0,70 folded
Ɑw 0,55 not folded
ISO 354 - G type

slight colour differences between different batches are allowed

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