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angel  39/700
fireproof imo-med

Angel is a fire retardant fabric.

Fabric Angel is produced with fire retardant yarn.

Angel is a certified fabric for contract.

Two machines extrude 144 threads of propylene, forming a taslanized filament that mixes between the colours and threads to finally become fabric. Unexpectedly smart with a perfect balance between cost and quality; this is Angel in all its versions. It can adapt to contract spaces, residential uses and even medical fields. Angel, in its basic model, has a classic spirit, that of a glass of wine and a romantic dinner with eighteen warm colours.

technical specifications

30 delicato triangolo ferro no p linea tamburo quadro

customs code

100% polypropylene

cm ± 140

± 228 g/m2

solution dyed product

roll length
approx. 35 lm.

abrasion resistance
> 100.000 rubs, ISO 12947-2

color fastness to light
5/6, ISO 105 B02

fastness to rubbing
dry 5, wet 4/5, ISO 105 X12

seam slippage
warp 3 mm, weft 4 mm, ISO 13936-2

5, ISO 12945-2

fire resistance
1IM - UNI 9175
EN 1021:14 part 1/2
BS 5852:06 crib 5
California TB 117:2013
IMO MED - Ftp 307 part 8

slight colour differences between different batches are allowed we assume no responsibility for the transfer of colour/pigment caused by clothing and accessories

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